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How to Measure for New Doors | Uberdoors

How To Measure For New Doors

When replacing an existing door or installing a new door, you’ll need to know how to measure for new doors. So, get out your measuring tape, a pencil, and print off our simple worksheet so you can gather the following three measurements you will need for each door:
  1. Rough Opening Width: Measure the width of the rough opening at the top, center, and bottom for each door and record the smallest measurement.
  2. Rough Opening Height: Measure from the floor to the bottom of the header and record the measurement for each door.
  3. Wall Width – measure the width of the wall for each rough opening space. The width should include the sheeting on each side of the stud. Most interior walls are 4 9/16” wide. Exterior walls can vary.
Record the measurements you take on our simple worksheet so you’ll have the information handy when you are ready to order your new doors.
Here’s a good video showing where to get these measurements from an existing door:
Remodeling Your Home

To accurately measure the rough opening dimensions on an existing door remove the 3 pieces of trim (header trim, door strike trim and hinge trim) surrounding the door to reveal the rough opening space. Most trim pieces can be carefully removed for reuse and it is only necessary to remove the trim pieces on one side of the door.

New Build
Using blueprints locate each doorway in the home and create a list labeling each door with the rough opening sizes. The rough opening sizes are usually listed as part of the architectural drawing. If not and the home is already framed – then measure the width and height of each rough opening. Always be precise when measuring and don’t round up or down. Label each door along with the corresponding measurement. Measure the height twice once in each corner of the rough opening. Measure the width at the top center and bottom of the rough opening – recording the smallest measurement. Record each door detail separately on the worksheet found at this link.
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