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You Might Need a New Door if…

The season for spooky doors is upon us, but if your door is scary for any reason besides your decorations then you might want to consider getting some new Knotty Alder Square Top Exterior Doors from UberDoors.

You might need a new door if…


1. You have to use duct tape to keep it shut.

15118600 - duct tape roll silver repair reel isolated


2. You’re using garbage bags to fill in the broken windows.

43841915 - roll of garbage bags isolated on white


3. Not only is your paint peeling, so is the wood of your door.

37114868 - paint peeling wooden old door texture detail


4. Local officials have posted a condemned sign to let you know it’s gotten way, way too bad.

31863707 - an old vacant house with no trespassing sign on door


5. Two Hobbits venture by asking if you’re the Guardian of the Gates of Mordor.




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