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Trends in Pantry Design – Utilize Your Kitchen Better!

Here are the Trends in Pantry Design We are Most Excited About! Your pantry may house your food, kitchen accessories, and kitchen implements. A kitchen pantry is a great way to store the things you use, but have you ever thought about the design of your pantry? Here are some of the current trends in pantry Read More »

How to incorporate Barn Doors into your Interior Design

How to incorporate Barn Doors into your interior design   Doors were once simply a utilitarian object in your home that allowed for security or privacy. That’s not the case any longer. As home owners expect every element of their home to match their design, the decor options have increased, including for doors. You can Read More »

In Love with Barn Doors

Barn door has become a term used for almost any type of door sliding on a track. They have been called track doors, sliding doors and rail doors too. Different than pocket doors, barn doors slide on the outside of the wall and close to cover the whole entrance area, which creates many advantages over Read More »

Three points to consider when choosing Sliding Barn Doors

If your looking into redecorating a room in your house, or if you just moved into a new home; you may want to choose to add sliding barn doors in your home for an element of cultivated beauty. How do you get started to find the right door that complements your style? Here are three Read More »

Sliding Barn Doors: Style, Space, and Savings

With so many beautiful options in the UberDoors Interior Barn Doors Collection you might think that the only reason to choose a sliding barn door is for the looks alone. But there’s more to those barn doors than just an awesome sense of style.     1. Space Everyone knows that space, whether you’re building Read More »

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