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Are You Ready to Live in a Tiny Home?

The tiny home trend is taking North America by storm! One of the biggest trends in North American housing is the tiny home movement that is going strong right now. The tiny home trend is a social movement that has people downsizing to something much smaller. The smaller size equates to a smaller carbon footprint, Read More »

Interior Doors Made Easy

What are the best interior doors for your home? Doors have a simple objective: they grant entrance to a building, room, or closet. The purpose of a door is to provide security, privacy, or noise barrier. That’s pretty straightforward, but what about when it’s time to choose interior doors for your home? How do you know Read More »

How to incorporate Barn Doors into your Interior Design

How to incorporate Barn Doors into your interior design   Doors were once simply a utilitarian object in your home that allowed for security or privacy. That’s not the case any longer. As home owners expect every element of their home to match their design, the decor options have increased, including for doors. You can Read More »

December Barn Door Bonanza

There’s a four-letter word that EVERYONE loves: SALE! Now at, until December 14th we have a 10% discount on all our complete interior Barn Doors Collection with the promotion code “BARNDOOR”. You should take advantage of this holiday sale to get the look you want in your home.   Barn doors are versatile, beautiful, Read More »

Barn Doors: A Hot Trend for a Cool Style

Interior Barn Doors are one of the hottest interior decorating styles on the market today, and with good reason. For longevity, space-saving, and beauty they are hard to beat. Just look at some of the most popular remodeling shows on television right now and you’ll see barn doors used to open small spaces, create large Read More »

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