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Fun Door Facts

Did you know that the deadbolt technology that keeps you safe at night was actually invented over 4,000 years ago? Or that automatic doors were first used over 1,800 years ago? You might welcome the Queen of England to walk through your door, but the House of Commons in England figuratively slams the door in Read More »

Doors Around The World

Looking at doors from around the world is good inspiration for your own home. Here are several doors that not only inspire but show personality of the country they are from: This blue door located in Bali shows an artful design with the accent wood trim around the door. The fact that it is surrounded Read More »

5 Tips to Open More Doors in Your Life

Are you looking to open a few new doors in your personal life? A new adventure might be closer than you think. The world is full of stories of people who turned a corner in their everyday life and suddenly nothing was ever the same for them again. Some people blame this change on nothing Read More »

A Brief History of Doors in Contemporary America

The front door has always been one of the most important architectural features of any building throughout time, whether it was a shack, cottage, palace, or castle. The door has represented both welcoming to guests and protection from enemies. Plank Doors When America was being settled by Europeans they primarily used the plank style, which Read More »

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