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Give your Exterior Door some Love

Does your front door need some care after the winter? It’s spring; the weather is warming up and people are getting outside to enjoy the warmer weather. Many of us are doing some spring cleaning and getting rid of the accumulated winter grime. In your quest for a beautiful and clean home, don’t forget your exterior Read More »

How to change your bi-fold doors for french doors

Change out your boring bi-fold closet doors for contemporary French doors   Sometimes all it takes is a simple door update to make an interior room look fresh and modern. Changing your old bi-fold doors into French doors takes a few hours and several hundred dollars. It’s a novice renovation that you can probably do Read More »

Dressing Up Your Interior Doors with New Hardware

Interior Doors are an integral part of any interior design and doing something as simple as changing the door hardware. New hardware in a new finish can dress up a door, change the look and feel of a room, and make a homeowner feel great about their space.   Basic Hardware Styles There are basically Read More »

Door Knobs That Turn Heads

The right door knobs for your uberdoor can add the right accent to give your home an inviting and polished look. Here are some beautiful door knobs you can choose from:   1. Turkish Inspired The details of this Turkish influenced doorknob along with a lacey pattern, and embossed metal plate would look elegant with Read More »

UberDoors Common Types of Door Knobs

Choosing your new front door may be a challenge, particularly with the beautiful line-up of choices available online from, but choosing a door knob can be even more difficult! From the standard, plastic packaged sets on every home improvement store across the country, to custom made, artistic masterpieces, there are so many options it Read More »

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