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How to Decorate on a Budget

Create an Elegant Space While You Decorate on a Budget It’s easy to create a beautiful home if you have a lot of money to spend, but do you know how you can create a beautiful space and decorate on a budget?   Here are some ways to make your home look elegant on a Read More »

Steel Door Style: Hand Painted Doors

Commercial steel doors aren’t typically considered the most beautiful doors in the bunch, but we’ve found some hand painted beauties that prove are proving us wrong. Just because you have a need for a secure space, doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of style. These examples of what can be done with Read More »

Pet Doors 101

If you have a furry friend at your house, whether of the canine or feline variety, then purchasing and installing a pet door is something you might want to think seriously about. Typically, a 24×72 pre hung door does not come with a pet door already installed. It’s something you’ll want to add yourself if Read More »

10 More Upcycled Old Doors

With the summer season halfway over DIY projects have been underway for many weeks now. If installing a new 24×72 pre hung door on your home is one of your projects then you’ll be left with an old door on your hands. Don’t be too quick to toss that old door in the trash, it Read More »

Get Ready For Your Door Being Delivered

After you have picked out the perfect 24×72 pre hung door for your home, and you’ve done all the measurements and have successfully ordered your door it is time to get ready for your door being delivered. Although you might get things delivered to your home often a door being delivered is going to be Read More »

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