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Interior Doors

Are you wondering where to buy interior doors online? Well, worry no more, as Uber Doors gives you the finest options.

With the right interior doors, you can enhance the charm and beauty of your living spaces. Our collection of solid wood interior doors is designed to bring a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for any home interior design.

Whether you’re looking for the popular two-panel arch top doors or craftsman style doors, you will find the ideal door from our range of interior door options. Check our full collection of wooden interior doors for sale online.

Modernizing Homes with Wood Interior Doors

Despite the onset of doors made of steel and other materials, wooden doors remain an ideal choice for homeowners. Wood can complement any traditional or modern interior design. The overall appearance of the space depends on the door’s stain color and finishing. Uber Doors proudly offers a range of modern interior wood doors design. Our huge inventory includes doors made of Knotty Alder and Knotty Pine wood species. If you’re redesigning or renovating your house, you’ll find a high end pre-hung wood door specifically manufactured for homes.

Loaded with Impressive Features

Our solid core wood interior doors for houses come with a range of features to meet your requirements. Whether you are looking for a piece with dentil shelf, glass panels, or sidelites, you’re sure to find it from our collection. We have pre-built doors that are ready to ship, but we also give you the opportunity to customize your door according to your home interior. And did we mention that our finely crafted doors come with warranty?

A Convenient Shopping Experience

You can shop for your doors online. We offer the finest options when it comes to wooden interior doors. We are a proud distributor for Krosswood, a leading manufacturer of high quality doors in Utah. It only takes a few minutes to place an order online. Shop now and we will ship your order immediately. We can even install it for you.

Types of Wood Interior Doors

We offer a great selection of wooden doors for your home. Here are your top options:

Interior Barn Doors Collection

Did you know that interior barn doors can work in your newly built home or your home that is several years old, no matter what your design is? You don’t have to be a professional designer either, there’s always a way you can use barn doors to upgrade the look and value of your home.

Because of their versatility, you can enjoy sliding barn doors in your home no matter what your floor plan is. There is no floor space needed, just a wall next to the door frame to install the sliding hardware. Interior barn doors from Uberdoors not only make rooms look larger, but it allows you to have more pattern and color showcased in your room. This basically leaves it up to you to decide on what style of interior sliding barn doors you want for your home. These doors will stand out and boost the look of sophistication and charm to your whole house.
Our new barn door designs create unique and functional change for any indoor space in your house. Whether it’s to create a barrier, to hang as a piece of art, or to simply section off one area from another, our selections will cover your needs. These custom interior barn doors are built to last because they are made exclusively here in the United States of America using only the best materials, with solid wood core, tempered glass and a promise of satisfaction.
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Lighted Interior Doors

Uber Doors is the supplier of choice for those who want to create a room that is both separate from and part of the activities going on in their homes. Our Knotty Alder lighted interior doors serve as effective sound barriers, making them ideal for home offices and music rooms. Installing these doors is a great way to break up larger rooms into functional areas for many events and activities.

Lighted Interior Door Options

You have plenty of options when it comes to lighted interior doors for sale online. You can get a single or double door with a specific number of lites to meet your privacy and illumination needs. These doors are available in multiple sizes and colors, and are fully customizable. This ensures you’ll get the right door that fits your frame and complements your interior design.

We have:

• Half-Lite Doors

• Full Lite Doors

• ¾ Lite Doors

• 9-Lite Doors

• 10-Lite Doors

• 12-Lite Doors

Buy a Customized Door from Uber Doors Today

Uber Doors gives you the freedom to design your door according to your preferences. Below is a list of the Krosswood lighted doors that we sell. Click on the item of your choice and use our virtual tool to customize your order.

Do you need your door fast? Discuss your project requirements with us and we’ll arrange the delivery as soon as possible. We’ll make sure your door arrives on time. If you have questions or concerns, call us at (877) 761-3535.

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Krosswood Knotty Alder French Interior Doors

Installing French interior doors is one of the best ways to separate a space without eliminating your open concept. They provide superior insulation and protection from noise and changing temperatures. If you want more light passing from one room to another, these doors are a great option. They feature a perfect combination of inviting glass panels and rich Knotty Alder wood that add a sense of style and sophistication to any space.

Customize Your Door

Every project is unique. Depending on your needs and preferences, Uber Doors has a Knotty Alder French door to match your interior design. Using our virtual tool, you may configure your door to get the size, stain color, and finish you want. Click the Build My Door button to get started.

Why Choose French Doors?

French doors are ideal if you want to brighten up your space without sacrificing aesthetics. These doors provide a sense of regularity, proportion, and illumination. They allow more light into the room while enhancing the beauty and elegance of your space. French interior doors separate two spaces, but maintain a visual connection between the two. This means you can enjoy great privacy while still getting a clear view of what’s behind the door.

This type of door is usually found between:

• Kitchens and dining rooms

• Kitchens and living rooms

• Patios and main entrance

• Home offices and the rest of the house

Get a fully customized French door from Uber Doors today. Call us for inquiries regarding our door options and delivery service.

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Knotty Alder Rustic Interior Doors

Doors are more than just functional set pieces; they are a subtle design element that doesn’t just blend into the living space, but also improves aesthetics and overall appeal. Unfortunately, most people tend to overlook them since most doors already come pre-fabricated when you purchase a house.

Sometimes, the pre-installed door just doesn’t cut it when it comes to visual appeal and personal preference. This is especially true for interior doors, as they act as borders between the thresholds of the rooms.

Interior Rustic Doors

When it comes to visually appealing doorways, the rustic interior door is a classic piece that never goes out of style. Its rural, almost simplistic design belies its true nature as a cohesive set piece that merges well in any classic designed living spaces. It is best known for its signature vertical slats that heighten the door’s visual appeal, adding character to an otherwise simply designed door.

Make no mistake, though; these rustic interior wood doors are not strictly just for classic or craftsman-style homes from the bygone days of American suburbia. These rustic interior doors can easily fit in a more modern designed home, adding a subtle contrast between flush and old world charm that is very difficult to capture with other set pieces.

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Commercial Steel Interior Doors

Choosing the right kind of door for a commercial property doesn’t have to be as difficult as most people make it out to be. All you really need is a sturdy door and a latch to keep intruders away. Moreover, there really isn’t much of a need to focus on aesthetics. When it comes to keeping your assets secure, functionality is what’s necessary.

Secure your business with UberDoors’ selection of interior commercial steel doors. Each of our heavy duty and hollow metal doors are easy to install and has all the standard features built so that it performs its functions well all the time.

When you purchase a commercial steel interior door with us, you have the option to either directly source a door slab or get one of our door bundles. When you get one of our bundles, a frame is already installed with the commercial interior steel door and comes with a steel exit and closer.

All of our metal doors are made of stainless steel and boast a flush design that blends well in any commercial setting.

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One Panel Interior Doors

Sometimes, simple designs make a big difference in the home’s interior. Our Knotty Alder and Knotty Pine one panel interior doors provide a level of simplicity to your space. The good thing about these doors is that you can customize them to achieve the look you want. You can stain, paint or distress them to match your interior. You may choose from a range of styles and configuration, but one thing’s for sure: these interior doors will add a touch of sophistication to your home.

One Panel Construction

Made of either Knotty Alder or Knotty Pine, our one-panel doors are hard, strong, and elegant. These boast timeless beauty and charm – qualities that make them superior to other types of doors. One panel construction ensures optimum durability and strength. Single panel doors offer flexibility and add a classic aesthetic appeal to the house, making them the preferred choice for homeowners, contractors, and designers.

Wood Door Options

With a range of options available, there is something for everyone here at the Uber Doors online store. We have solid wood and lighted doors in stock for you. Some of the items we sell have V-grooves and other functional features. Multiple sizes and colors are available to meet your individual needs and preferences.

Look no further than Uber Doors if you need a customized door for your interior space. Our virtual tool allows you to configure the door size, stain color, and finish. If you need further assistance in choosing and buying the right one-panel interior door, call us now.

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