Mediterranean Style Exterior Doors

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Despite the current trend in interior and exterior design focusing on simpler and flusher design and style elements, many homeowners still have a preference for the traditional and more elaborate set pieces that were once the standard for every house.

Mediterranean front doors, for example, are seeing a resurge in popularity due to encapsulating that look and feel of the old world, as well as the increasing development of Mediterranean style homes in many suburban areas.

The Return of a Classic Design

At UberDoors, our selection of Mediterranean front doors range from truly old world style entryways to doorways that fit well in more modernly designed homes. The standard design elements of these doors are the cast iron gills and speak easy windows, which makes you think of truly bygone days – of castles, keeps, and old taverns.

The black nails or cavos at the top and bottom of each vertical slat establishes that old world design and structure, and is subtle detail that brings out a charming rustic feel.

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