Craftsman Exterior Doors

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Most people tend to ignore the importance of choosing the right exterior door for their home. It is a little known fact that the appearance of a door subtly determines how welcoming your house is to other people, not to mention playing a slightly bigger role in increasing its overall appeal.

But is there really an option when it comes to choosing an exterior door for a home? You’ll be surprised at the rather wide selection of designs now available on the market, but one door style continues to remain popular well beyond the heyday of American suburbia – the Craftsman style exterior door.

Classic Design that Never Goes out of Style

Better known as shaker doors, craftsman exterior doors continue to be the most popular door style as it easily complements the look of modern homes as much as it brings out the old world charm of classic designed houses. It is best known for the square hard lines that dominate its look, epitomizing the concept of simple yet highly effective aesthetics.

The main reason why these shaker style doors continue to be popular even today is how configurable this particular style of door is. These exterior craftsman doors come in either one panel or two panel variants, and their overall look and finish can be further customized to suit and complement your home’s aesthetics. If you’re looking for a classic design that never goes out of style, the craftsman exterior door is the one for you.

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