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Barn Doors

With the increased popularity of sliding barn style doors, may people are wondering if they should consider from among the many barn door styles for their upcoming home remodel plans. Actually, barn doors are more preferable to conventional swinging doors for a host of reasons. From a practical stand point, barn doors can revise a home’s layout in a way that increases storage space, flow, and efficiently.

Due to the plethora of interior barn door styles and hardware, barn doors offer many more choices for expressive design plans in your home or office. There are so many options available for you to customize the look you want.

Barn doors take up so little floor space and are very easy to open and close making them a great option for adding more space in a bedroom, kitchen or office. Here at Uberdoors, we offer so many styles to choose from.


From the classic 4 panel barn door which adds beauty to a rustic or modern home design, to our textured Birch 1 panel barn door which brings a stunning natural look to your home. Many customers love our 2 panel single X or double X barn doors for their country appeal, and the one-of-a-kind metal clad barn door enhances a room with that steampunked look. If you like the chevron angles, our knotty Alder chevron 2 panel barn door with 2 lites (windows), or the chevron 2 panel without lites really make a bold statement to any room.

Choosing barn doors for your home is a better option since they will increase the overall value of your home. The uniqueness of these sliding doors keeps them in high demand and they add a taste of sophistication to each room they are installed in.

You can easily match different styles of barn doors to a particular theme. If you love the clean modern look, country living appeal, or the classic traditional style; you will find something that matches perfectly in our barn door selections.

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