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What type of wood species is best

Below are pros and cons for some of our most popular wood choices to assist you in your decision-making process. We carry a variety of wood species and we will gladly give you a personal recommendation by calling (385) 715 5340.

Pros — Mahogany is a tropical hardwood that is relatively free of defects, such as voids and pockets. It is well suited for exterior door applications due to low movement. The naturally rich reddish-brown hue darkens over time. As a hardwood, it is resistant to dents and scratches.
Cons — The style of Mahogany is naturally dark, which may not work well with your style palette. It is usually more expensive than other alternative wood choices, such as Alder.

Pros — Alder contains natural red and yellow dye, but it is frequently stained to imitate much more expensive wood species. The wood can be easily worked with to add intricate details and finishes at a very economical price.
Cons — A minor drawback is that it is more easily dented. As a general rule, distressed Alder will retain a classic look and feel for many years.

Pros — The smooth grain of Cherry wood makes it a desirable choice for both exterior and interior doors. It can be finished in a variety of colors to match your décor, and develops a unique finish as it ages. Compared to Alder, it is more difficult to dent.
Cons — Having fewer knots, its character is less rugged than other wood choices. The cost of using Cherry may be higher than other wood species.

Black Walnut:
Pros — Black Walnut is extremely durable and is naturally decay resistant. It finishes beautifully, and ranges in tone from pale brown to a dark chocolate shade. It is easy to work with and is proven to be exceptionally strong.
Cons — Depending on your region, it can be susceptible to insect damage. If exposed to excessive light, it may show slight signs of color fading.

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