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Does my UberDoors door come with a warranty?

Our doors are produced with the highest quality craftsmanship. If by chance you are not satisfied with your door, we will be happy to assist you. Please visit our Return Policy page for complete details.

Where can I find sizing information for a specific door?

Our online store will allow you to select your door style and size. Please visit our Door Styles section to narrow down your selection where you are able to view available sizes for each door.

How quickly can my doors be delivered?

Shipping times generally vary based on current inventory and the amount of customization requested on your order. Generally, we ask our customers to all 4-6 weeks on custom door orders to ensure enough time for building the doors before shipping. For off-the-shelf doors, we can and will ship them much sooner than that. Once your Read More »

How do I order my door from UberDoors?

The best way to order your doors is through our website. You can research and select your doors, add them to your cart and purchase online. We offer phone support by calling  — please contact us for custom quotes, feedback or questions about our products.

If I am removing an existing door, how much should I remove?

We suggest following the directions that are included with your new door(s). It is important not to compromise the structural integrity of your door by over-cutting your existing frame. Please contact us if you have specific questions that are not covered in the included directions.

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