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Crafting Grateful Greetings for Your Front Porch

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the collective American consciousness is thinking of the things we are grateful for, sharing those things on social media, and sending thank you notes to friends and family. Why not turn those grateful thoughts into a grateful greeting for your holiday guests? These crafts are perfect for hanging on your Exterior Doors or setting on your porch.


The Grateful Tree

This is a fabulous, interactive craft for kids and guests alike to help create.


Click image for tutorial from thediymommy.com



The Thankful Pumpkin

This paper craft will be a treasure for years to come. Date and name the leaves of these little pumpkins to save for memory books.


Click image for instructions from themoffattgirls.com



Blessings Pumpkin

Use a sharpie on a white pumpkin to write the things you feel are blessings in your life. This can be an activity to keep your family busy while the turkey finishes cooking. Or place it by your front door and invite guests to share their gratitude as well.


Click image for instructions from kissmysouthernsass.com



Gratitude Jar

This is an activity you can start this Thanksgiving and continue throughout the year. Next year you’ll have a jar full of grateful thoughts.


Click image to make your own jar like this from getawaytoday.com




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