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Home Improvement Style and Trends

Top 5 Materials for Your New Roof

Need a New Roof? Here are the Most Popular Materials You might not want to hear this, but…winter is coming! For many of us, this means much colder weather, with snow or rain making us wish for summer. As homeowners, maintaining our house is part of owning a house. Choosing a new roof that will keep Read More »

Are You Ready to Live in a Tiny Home?

The tiny home trend is taking North America by storm! One of the biggest trends in North American housing is the tiny home movement that is going strong right now. The tiny home trend is a social movement that has people downsizing to something much smaller. The smaller size equates to a smaller carbon footprint, Read More »

Repurpose your Spare Room and make it work better for you

Repurpose your Spare Room and take if from Drab to Fab! If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room, you might find it become a dumping ground for the odds and ends that don’t get put away. But with a little ingenuity, you can create a space that is perfect for your family’s Read More »

How to Decorate using the Color of the Year

What are the “in” colors for 2017? Every year various companies come up with their color of the year. They study trends and watch what’s going on globally to come up with a single color that resonates with people. There is no shortage of thoughts on what’s up and coming in the color world. Pantone, Read More »

Design Tips for Renters

How to Personalize your Home even when you Rent it! Living in a rented home can be difficult. Landlords have rules to keep the space easy to rent once you move out; you usually can’t paint or make any major changes, so you are stuck with builder’s beige walls and linoleum floors. Unless, that is, you Read More »

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