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How to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Keep Family and Friends Coming Back By Making Them Comfortable and Welcome Having overnight company can be fun, awkward, or uncomfortable – for the hosts and the guests! Creating a comfortable and welcoming space for your guests can allow them to enjoy their stay more. Here are some ways to make your guests feel at Read More »

A Kitchen Renovation to Fit Your Budget

How to Complete a Beautiful Kitchen Renovation on a Budget Is your kitchen tired or boring? Are you ready to give it a new life that will make cooking fun again? A kitchen renovation can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but it doesn’t have to. Here are some kitchen renovation ideas that are budget Read More »

Trends in Pantry Design – Utilize Your Kitchen Better!

Here are the Trends in Pantry Design We are Most Excited About! Your pantry may house your food, kitchen accessories, and kitchen implements. A kitchen pantry is a great way to store the things you use, but have you ever thought about the design of your pantry? Here are some of the current trends in pantry Read More »

10 Design Blogs to Follow for Inspiration

Interior Design Blogs to Inspire You Interior design can be exciting, frustrating, and sometimes terrifying – often a home owner can experience all three emotions within minutes of each other. But whether you are about to decorate your first home or fifth, the search for new ideas is always going on. That’s why we found Read More »

Changing your Flooring? Here are some things to consider

What do you need to know about flooring? Replacing your floor coverings can be expensive, time consuming, and confusing. What kind of floor coverings should you install? Should you install it yourself or is it a job that’s strictly for professionals? We found some of your biggest flooring questions and are answering them. What kind Read More »

Are You Ready to Live in a Tiny Home?

The tiny home trend is taking North America by storm! One of the biggest trends in North American housing is the tiny home movement that is going strong right now. The tiny home trend is a social movement that has people downsizing to something much smaller. The smaller size equates to a smaller carbon footprint, Read More »

Repurpose your Spare Room and make it work better for you

Repurpose your Spare Room and take if from Drab to Fab! If you are fortunate enough to have a spare room, you might find it become a dumping ground for the odds and ends that don’t get put away. But with a little ingenuity, you can create a space that is perfect for your family’s Read More »

How to Decorate using the Color of the Year

What are the “in” colors for 2017? Every year various companies come up with their color of the year. They study trends and watch what’s going on globally to come up with a single color that resonates with people. There is no shortage of thoughts on what’s up and coming in the color world. Pantone, Read More »

Interior Doors Made Easy

What are the best interior doors for your home? Doors have a simple objective: they grant entrance to a building, room, or closet. The purpose of a door is to provide security, privacy, or noise barrier. That’s pretty straightforward, but what about when it’s time to choose interior doors for your home? How do you know Read More »

Design Tips for Renters

How to Personalize your Home even when you Rent it! Living in a rented home can be difficult. Landlords have rules to keep the space easy to rent once you move out; you usually can’t paint or make any major changes, so you are stuck with builder’s beige walls and linoleum floors. Unless, that is, you Read More »

10 Ways to Create a Welcoming Entryway

Your home is your castle. The look and feel of your entrance is determined by your walkway, your porch, your pre hung exterior door, and the color of your home. But what about the scene that greets your guests when they step through that door? Does your home offer a warm welcome? Do your guests Read More »

Feel Welcome With These Doormats

Creating a home that is welcoming is part of the joy of home ownership. Some of the ways to make your home welcoming is to customize your house with an uberdoor and a door mat. Here are some great options for door mats:   Use Words One fun way to get your visitors attention is Read More »

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