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Breathtaking Castle Doors

Your home is your castle, and what door you use to adorn your fortress with is crucial for safety, protection, and beautification. The best way to find a quality door to meet your needs is by shopping online at uberdoors.com. Here are some castle doors sure to give you some inspiration in your quest for your kingdom:


This castle door looks like it’s straight out of a fairytale. The tall curved doors look as if they could be wings to a dragon. The doors details have shapes of snakes that could lead one to believe they do not want to pass to the other side. The color of the door is aged creating a feeling of a relic, along with the stone work that encases the door.


Image from marinni.livejournal.com



Here is a castle door that could be considered a standard castle door, if there is such a thing. It is made of sturdy wood, with a few intricate wood carvings throughout. Iron rods are used both for support and for decoration along with door knockers on each side. If you are going to live in a castle these would be a safe choice for doors.


Image from wsj.com


Metal Door

This deviates from a more traditional wood door for a castle and introduces only metal to the construction. Located in Poland, it is only a single door instead of the grand double doors. Although it is only made out of metal, the door is beautifully simple. The design made by the iron work makes the door both stronger and more intricate. The door knocker is a great accent to this door.


Image from flickr.com


Church Door

Although this door is located at a church in Germany, it is very much a castle door. The bold and vibrant colors make a statement, while the traditional styling makes it worthy of a king. There are no door knockers but a single lever handle which is a unique detail, along with all the fine and delicate workmanship of the design throughout.


Image from flickr.com


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