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Mediterranean Majesty Fit for a Monarch’s Castle

Have you ever dreamed of being the king or queen of your own castle? With the classic styling of UberDoors Knotty Alder Mediterranean Style Exterior Doors you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect entrance for a medieval keep. Read on for more suggestions on how to create a castle style front porch.


1. Castle Doors

These Mediterranean style doors, with their wrought iron grates and speak-easy windows are reminiscent of ancient castle doors complete with portcullis and guard doors.

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2. Mica Lanterns

These lanterns, fashioned from thin sheets of mica, are perfect for front porch lighting that will give a medieval glow.

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3. Aged Stone Planters

These planters, with their Celtic knot and grapevine patterns, look as if they’ve come right out of a wealthy king’s castle. Fill them with ivy or flowers to complete the look.

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4. King’s Curule Throne

This style of chair dates all the way back to the Roman Empire and was used by politicians and military leaders as a symbol of power. The monarchs of Europe adopted this style for their own use. Use this style of chair on your front porch to add a regal touch.

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5. Medieval Cobblestone Concrete

For a truly medieval experience, use this cobblestone concrete stamp to create a front walk that will lead your guests into your home and back in time.

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