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Benefits of Weatherstripping

Benefits of Weatherstripping

If you’re considering new exterior doors for your home, you may want to know the benefits of weatherstripping. In a nutshell, weatherstripping prevents energy-wasting air leaks around entry doors. It keeps the elements and critters outside and the comfort in.

Generally, we recommended checking the weatherstripping on exterior doors annually, since through normal usage it can rip, compress, bend and wear out.

If your home is feeling a little drafty, old or faulty weatherstripping could be the culprit. A small 1/8-inch space around an exterior door is the equivalent of a 5 inch hole in an exterior wall. Closing this gap will seal out drafts of chilly winter air, or prevent cooled air from escaping during the summer.

Save on heating and cooling costs by adding weatherstripping and a sweep.

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