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7 Classic Styles for A Seaside Cottage Entrance

Nothing says “summer” like a seaside cottage. The beautiful ocean colors and the whimsical treasures that decorate the entrance all speak to our love for the sea, sun, and sand. Pair one of these color schemes with a high quality door from Uber Doors and you’ll be set for summer fun. Here are a few of our favorite front entryways.


1. Nothing but Blue


The beautiful pale blue of the walls and the aquamarine blue of the door invite you to dive into the peace and serenity of your own home. Accented by the golden color of the wooden porch, this entrance has happy written all over it.


2. Calm as a Sea After a Storm

(Image from homebunch.com)

(Image from homebunch.com)

The seal gray of these walls and the pale turquoise of the door are reminiscent of a turbulent sea that has finally found calm. What a wonderful welcome to come home to.


3. Taste of the Tropics

Image from insidearciform

(Image from insidearciform)

This home incorporates bright, bold colors that remind the homeowner of tropical jungles and sunny vacations.

4. Hawaiian Home Style


For a classical Hawaiian home, choose a neutral green color and accent with a beautiful wood door. Add lots of tropical plants and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation every time you get home from work.


5. Boathouse Beautiful


This unusual color scheme brings in the colors of Americana, making any homeowner think of schooners and the early days of New England fishing.


6. Nantucket Gray

Image from photobucket

(Image from photobucket)

The beautiful faded gray of the cedar shingles are a classic New England style. The addition of the bright red door adds a touch of warmth and welcome.


7. Bold Barbados

Image from bajanreporter.com

(Image from bajanreporter.com)

There’s nothing like the spicy colors of the Caribbean to make you think of warm sand and bright summer days. If you are brave and adventurous at heart, this color scheme is for you!
A coat of paint can turn a dull entrance into your favorite place to be. Think of investing in a new house color and a new front door this year. Liven up your living.


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